24/25AW Theme Exhibition | Journey of Seeking Light - SPINEXPO Shanghai

The vast universe, nurtured in the silence and calm, and shaped by chaos, the fate of the planets is intertwined, there are too many mysterious forces to be discovered. The Splendid nebulae, colorful space, but also full of infinite reverie and yearning.For FW 24/25, we will soar in the vast universe, fall on different planets, catch the creative inspiration of "elegance" in those hot or cold planets, and explore more possibilities of blossom style from the unknown world. Driven by AI design, we will link various fancy yarns, draw the majestic energy of the universe, and through the development and interpretation of SHI-KWAN's "blossom style" themed weaving piece, we will blend physical and digital design, and bring our customers a vast, novel and romantic journeys.